PDF to PowerPoint Converter App Reviews

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Great app for converting lecture PDFs

Easy, quick, and mostly accurate. If you need exacting precision for conversions, buy something. If you want something that gets it mostly right, and you aren’t doing much other than simple review of large slideshows, this is perfect.

Worked Like a Dream

This app took a former PPT saved as PDF and converted it back to a PPT. The app even allowed editing and choosing fonts. Intuitive. Impressed.

Never finished converting

Sierra OS. Tried to convert a fairly simple PDF to PTTX. After 5 min it was still “converting” or likely hung up. Cancel button didn’t work, had to force quit. Was a 12 page document with a song verse on each slide with a title.

Couldn’t ask for a better app!

I needed a way to convert my professors’ presentations from PDF to PPTX. This app does exactly that quickly and free unlike most other apps.

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